Dunkelmond Reise

Heute veröffentlichte Molly Remer ein sehr passendes Gedicht, das für mich hier her gehört. Ich füge für mich gedanklich ein paar Zeilen mit den Großmüttern ein…

Prayer: Dark Moon

On the dark moon,
we call on them once more,
their voices whispering
from behind veil and door:
Lilith, Persephone, Eve, Inanna,
night hag, maiden, mother, lover.
We can sense them beneath the skin
in half-remembered dreams,
fragments of memory,
and in fraying seams,
echos of stories once known,
nearly forgotten voices
still singing in our bones.
Those who know the journey,
the taste of truth forbidden,
the pain and pleasure
of resistance,
the courage to step into the hidden.
We know descent and renewal,
the sounds of howling calls.
We know the twin sisters
of delight and sorrow,
hands extending to feel the rough
and winding walls.
The night that whispers
and that sings,
invites us to test our wings,
with red fruit in hand,
on winding path,
we let them unfurl at last,
as gathering speed,
we leap,
leaving the path behind, below,
and glide into
the heights once sensed, now known.

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  1. MariaM 2 Jahren ago

    Molly Remers Quell der Kreativität scheint schier unerschöpflich zu sein.
    Danke fürs Teilen, Nora!

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